Change the way you work in dentistry with the LightBuilder 4K 2.0. Based on the huge success of LightBuilder 4K, this new version offers a modern design and an improved user interface. Experience superior precision and efficiency in dental 3D printing with LightBuilder 4K 2.0.

Designed by industry specialists

Our system is the result of the direct experience of professionals in the dental sector, including clinicians and dental technicians. We have invested in an extensive series of manufacturing, testing and publications to ensure that our product lives up to the highest demands of the industry. This approach has allowed us to offer a system that is notoriously reliable and tailor-made around the modern dental specialist.

Specialized Technical Assistance

Our specialized technical assistance is always ready to help you, guaranteeing immediate solutions and professional support for any need. With our experienced team, you will receive reliable and timely service to ensure your 3D printer runs smoothly and to its maximum capabilities.

Ease of use

Our printing platform offers a plug and play experience: just plug in the power and you're ready to start printing. To ensure a smooth start, one of our experts will connect remotely to install the software and provide initial training. Furthermore, we ensure continuous support over time and offer you access to detailed video tutorials on the operation of the machine and the software.

Intelligent design

Discover freedom from hidden management costs with our solution. Thanks to its intelligent design and minimal maintenance required, our printing platform offers a total absence of management costs.

Certified reliability

With the our printer, you can count on certified reliability and rigorously validated workflows,
compliant with industry regulations.
This ensures that each print is performed with impeccable precision and biochemical quality, giving you a safe choice for patients.


Heated chamber

Our 3D printer is equipped with a heated chamber, ensuring a constant temperature environment throughout the printing process.
This controlled environment not only speeds up production time, but ensures precision and reliability even in very cold outdoor environments and makes the reproduction of surface details significantly superior, especially with high viscosity resins.


Introducing the FastPlate: our mini print bed designed for ultra-fast production. Thanks to its light weight and small surface area, the FastPlate reduces friction with the resin and load on the Z axis, allowing for fast, high-quality prints. The top is equipped with a special anodizing treatment which does not attack the resins and remains permanent, thus avoiding residues. in biocompatible materials

Both platforms are pre-calibrated at the factory. This means you no longer need to waste time on complicated calibration processes, allowing you to save valuable time and focus on your core tasks.

Luminous uniformity

With a light uniformity of 97%, our 3D printer ensures consistent and identical results across the entire print area. This level of consistency is crucial to obtaining high-quality prints, ensuring impeccable precision and reliability on every prosthesis or dental device produced.


Open system

Enjoy an open system that gives you the freedom to choose the material that best suits your needs. Thanks to our wide range of materials already calibrated and thoroughly tested, you can obtain impeccable results with
resins from different brands.

Customized versions of Chitubox or Chitubox PRO will make all nesting operations simple and immediate.



250x250x500 mm

Print volume:

143x89x150 mm

LCD Resolution:

4098x2560 (4k mono)


Touch screen 5 inches

Layer Height:

 0.01 - 0.1 mm

Printing speed:




Slicer Software:

Chitubox - Chitubox PRO

File Transmission:

Wifi - USB

Supported files:

Stl, Obj, Slc


240V/110V 50Hz




17 Kg




Heated room


Oled Touch- Screen


Air filtering


6.6 Inches


Luminous uniformity


Ultra HD 4k 35μ

fast print@6x

Fast printing