Vallecorsa dental 3D printers

Do you own a dental laboratory? Do you intend to keep up with the times and move towards digital dentistry? Then you are in the right place!

The dental 3D printer service in Vallecorsa by Dental Makers is the one for you if you don’t yet own one of these devices.

More and more dental laboratories and dental practices are moving to digital and starting to adopt this technology. Digital dentistry, in fact, has been acquiring more and more importance for some time and is starting to replace, partially or entirely, the manual work that follows the old models. The need to keep up with the times, the request for customization and the small dimensions of the final products make the dental sector perfect for the 3D printing application.

It is in this context that Dental Makers presents itself as the solution and answer to all your needs. Thanks to the professionalism and promptness of this company and its service ofdental 3D printers in Vallecorsa diving into this new world will be very simple. All you need to do is present your project and your ideas and in no time you will be provided with a suitable solution.

Trust industry experts who will guarantee you an impeccable result in record time.

Choose the dental 3D printers in Vallecorsa of Dental Makers and request a consultation immediately using the contact details indicated in the contact box.

Vallecorsa dental resin

To obtain a perfect 3D print it is important to choose carefully and understand which material you want to use and the characteristics that the final product must present and this is where it comes into play help the dental resin service in Vallecorsa offered by Dental Maker.

This company, in fact, offers resins designed and created to obtain the maximum result from 3D printers. The highly trained Dental Makers staff will be happy to provide you with and ensure specialized support 5 days a week, offering you the material that best suits your needs.

Thanks to competitive prices and a varied choice of materials, find dental resin in Vallecorsa that best suits your needs will be very simple.

Very high performance resins, designed and created for the creation of prosthetic models, resins washable in water, with zero retraction and designed for resisting very high temperatures and compact and precise resins for the creation of gingival masks make up only part of the solutions offered by this company.

What are you waiting for? Our dental resin in Vallecorsa ensures maximum precision with repeatable results and unique characteristics.

The aim is to make the 3D printing experience optimal.

Use the appropriate contact box and book your consultation immediately, our staff will be happy to explain everything to you and direct you towards the best choice.

Pro Model

31,50 105,00  VAT excluded

Universal Model

67,50  VAT excluded

Gum Mask

81,50  VAT excluded

Dental Wax (castable)

50,50 94,50  VAT excluded